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Responsible Care Mission.

We truly care about our environment and our products.

The connection between manufacturers that work on the principles of echological designing for fashion and textiles by using organically grown textile fibers and a respected company in the chemical industry for environmental, health, and safety performance provides and aligns with our dedication to building a sustainable future for you and each of us.

  • Develop using organically grown textile fibers
  • Eco-friendly
  • Competitive price
  • Lower emissions and pollution tretament cost
Our company

Responsibly develop, produce and provide go! green products to enhace lives and be a positive force working for our collective future.

Our Mission

Provide supportive services and solutions tailored to the specific business and sustainability needs of the global textiles industry.

Our Main Challenge

Manufacture a product at a competitive price by using environment friendly process and by reducing emissions and pollution tratment cost.

Who we are and what we do.


We are dedicated to providing you with the best products and solutions.


We develop products for today's environmentally conscious consumers.

Sandblast Abrasives

We care about the steps for denim garment processing.

Pumice Stone

Satisfying needs of care-well manufacturers providing fashionable industrial standards.

Industrial Chemicals

Products for cleaning, water treatment, industrial maintenance.


We work on the principles of ecological designing for fashion

Value-added eco safe solutions for the Textile Industry

Partnered with manufacturers worldwide to help protect our natural resources by developing go!green : a new eco-friendly textile innovation to enhance our brand and company image eliminating steps for denim garment processing, which means less water, time and energy, and more sustainable benefits for our customers.

Eco Innovation

Our overall aim is to recognize requirements that ensure organic status of textiles, from the harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labeling in order to provide a credible assurance to the end consumer. We keep in mind the high ecological and social demand and the worldwide practicability and verifiability, as well as it's reliable and transparent solutions.

Eco Friendly

We reduce utility costs increasing speeds, productivity and profitability while satisfying needs of care-well manufacturers providing fashionable industrial standards.

Eco-safe Solutions

Our Products

go! Lub MPC


Eco-Friendly product that is safe to use in food, drug, textile and paper applications where a high level of wetting is required.

Very effective at low concentrations for applications as a high-speed wetting agent in dyeing and washing operations for the textile industry. Widely used as a penetrant and emulsifier for many textile applications in the areas of preparation, dyeing and finishing.

- Excellent penetrant
- Assist in making cellulosics and synthetics highly wicking to water
- Eco-Friendly

go! Wash DTD


Made from combination of vegetable derived raw materials and post consumer waste polymers, making it an eco-friendly product.

Cold water soluble flowable high-solids, polymeric lubricant and desize agent formulated for use with or without cellulose and amylase based enzymes.

- Cold Water Desize Agent
- Improved Scouring
- Improved fiber to fiber lubrication
- Reduced Marking and Streaking
- Anti-redeposition

- Excellent penetrant
- Assist in making cellulosics and synthetics highly wicking to water
- Eco-Friendly

go! Disp HDT


Produced from vegetable oil derived raw materials which is a renewable resource.

Compatible with all classes of enzymes commonly used in garment processing. This includes amylases, cellulases and lactases.

-Minimizes back-staining of indigo dyes on stone-washed denim garments.
-Enzyme compatible

- Highly effective
- Eco-Friendly
- Time tested
- Stable Shelf Life
- Non-phenol free

go! Zyme OFB


Readily biodegradable

go!zyme OFB-g offers a reliable, cost-effective Bio-Polishing solution. With its broad pH range can be easily incorporated into standard protocols to improve the quality of a multitude of fabrics. Besides the readily visible effects on fabric quality, it’s broad pH profile will help manufacturers to reduce acid consumption, processing times and batch failures. And this ultimately adds up to cost-savings.

Especially developed for fabrics in cold condition, it’s major benefits are:
- Reduction in processing cost by saving on steam generation
- Reduction in process time
- Low treatment time, thus minimal strength loss
- Enzyme bath-water is harmless to operators and non-corrosive to equipment
- Overall economy in treatment cost per jean
- The process is eco-friendly and gives a cleaner effluent
- Consumers prefer fabric prepared in an eco-friendly way

go! Block LPT


Eco-Friendly technology made from a minimum percentage of post-consumer waste.

Proprietary Polyester Copolymer, non toxic product at the level used in garment washing.

- Soil release
- Exceptional softness
- Improved wicking
- Dye leveling
- Anti-crease

Especially developed for fabrics in cold condition, it’s major benefits are:
- Highly effective
- Eco-Friendly
- Time tested
- Stable Shelf Life

go! Soft SSM


Renewable resources are applied.

Recommended as a substantive, high performance softener with excellent rewet properties for textile applications. Suitable to provide a "Fabric Care" benefit for rinse cycle fabric softeners. Benefits
- The use of this product provides softness, water absorbency, and ease of ironing when compared to conventional rinse cycle fabric softener compositions.
- Luxurious premium hand imparted to fabrics
- Effective antistatic
- Easy to handle; self-emulsifiable
- Hard water tolerant
- Complete freeze/thaw recovery
- Low odor, low volatiles
- Ph tolerant over a wide range
- Shelf stable
- Eco-Friendly

go! Soft CSM


Vegetable Oil derived product. Renewable resources are applied as vegetable soya acids.

Highly effective antiozonate for textile finishing, particularly denim goods. Benefits
- Economical to use
- Highly substantive and imparts a soft, dry, fluffy hand to treated goods
- On nylon, polyester, acrylic and polypropylene fabrics exhibits excellent antistatic properties.
- Eco-Friendly
- White goods show very little yellowing


Softeners, produced from renewable resources such as vegetable or animal derived raw materials, offer a unique combination of properties that enables denim processors to combine previously incompatible steps. This eliminates separate washing requirements, thus reducing water usage significantly, energy requirements, utility costs, and processing time, and increasing productivity; resulting in sustainable benefits for brand owners, garment processors, and textile formulators worldwide.


Enzymes are environmentally friendly alternatives to the industry. It is well proved that enzymes can replace hazardous chemicals, save energy and water, and are biodegradable.

With go!zyme OFB-g we are committed to continue bringing innovations to the industry that creates economical benefits, environmentally sustainable processes and unique fabric quality for customers. Helps textile manufacturers to boost the quality and finish of their fabrics.

Textile Processing

Textile Processing has benefited greatly on both environmental and product quality aspects through enzymes. It’s use has decreased the need of harsh chemicals, resulting in a lower discharge of waste chemicals to the environment, improved the safety of working conditions for textile workers and has raised the quality of the fabric. New enzymatic processes are being developed, which offer the potential to totally replace the use of other chemicals in textile preparation processes.

Environmental Benefits

Lower discharge of chemicals and wastewater and decrease handling of hazardous chemicals for textile workers.

Stonewashed Jeans Without Stones

A big driver for the jeans industry is fashion trends. Enzymes give the manufacturer a newer, easier set of tools to create new looks without damaging the garment.

Environmental Benefits

Less mining, reduced waste, less energy, less clogging of municipal pipes with stones and stone dust, fewer worn out machines and pipes attributed to stones and stone dust.

Consumer Benefits

More fashion choices longer garment life/wear due to lower damage of original fabric.

A positive force working for our collective future

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